How long will you last against the zombie hordes?

Man, there’s nothing quite like Zedtown. 1000 survivors, a handful of zombies, and you’ve got to survive to the end. Along the way, as the zombies turn survivors, the horde grows, and soon you’re outnumbered by massive crowds of the walking dead, all baying for your blood.

Or, well, the chance to tag you. And all you have to defend yourself is your trusty Nerf blaster. 

I’ve played three, now, and I will definitely be playing a fourth when Zedtown: The Last Haven, kicks off on the 9th of December! 

Tickets are onsale today, and the even will happen across two stadiums at the SCG – and will include the entire stands, the area around the stadiums, and even the underground tunnels for some serious CQB action.

Note to self: Invest in Rayven or Desolator.

You can get tickets here, and in the run up we’ll be publishing a handy survival guide to get you through the day. 

See you there, survivor!

PS: The survivor in that pic? She’s part of my crew – keep an eye out for us!

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