Snapchat made waves when it launched because of its ethereal nature. You were safe to send Snaps of anything and everything (dick pics anyone?) safe in the knowledge the messages would self-destruct. 

However, its developers have been gradually eroding this unique selling point by adding features such as Replay, and there’s now even a way to bypass the screenshotting restrictions on the app. 

So it is heartening to see Snapchat return to its roots, sort of, with the launch of Clear Chats.

The feature finally lets you delete your sent messages in both individual and group chats, regardless of whether they’ve been read or not. 

Before the update, messages between individuals would sit in the conversation log until it had been read by both parties. If that message was embarrassing…whew, you’re in a bit of a crisis. Of course, the message would be deleted once it had been read or if it sat unopened for 30 days, but Snapchat’s latest update lets you clear a message before it’s been seen. Crisis averted.

How to delete a message in Snapchat

1. Open Snapchat

2. Swipe right across the screen to access the Friends page

3. Tap on the Chat column

4. Tap and hold on the message that you have already sent

5. Tap Delete. You’re now regret free


The other user or group of users in the chat won’t see your message, but they will be able to see that you’ve deleted the message akin to how deleted messages appear on WhatsApp, for example. 

Clear Chats is just one of Snapchat’s latest additions. Read on to learn more about the others. 

World Cup Bitmoji and Friendmoji on iOS

As well as the ability to clear chats, Snapchat has brought some World Cup-themed updates to Bitmoji, allowing you to dress your avatar in Adidas and Nike kits to show support for your country (or sweepstake team).

Fans can dress their avatar in numerous different kits, including the official English Nike kit, the famous yellow Brazil Nike shirt or the white Adidas kit worn by Germany – the team tipped to win the tournament in our list of World Cup predictions. To show your support, just change your clothes in the Bitmoji app and you’ll see the update take effect across every platform where you use Bitmoji.

Snapchat will also be slowly rolling out Friendmoji on the iOS Bitmoji keyboard. Those who have their Bitmoji and Snapchat accounts linked will now be able to send Friendmojis to people outside of Snapchat.

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