More than half of businesses now run Windows 10, according to a survey that also reveals Windows XP’s enduring popularity as people continue to put off upgrading.

With Microsoft itself claiming its current OS now runs on 400 million devices, IT community Spiceworks’ own study of hundreds of thousands of IT professionals’ laptops and desktops revealed 54% of businesses now run it too. That’s a significant increase from Spiceworks’ last study, in July 2016, when 38% of businesses had upgraded to 10.

While Windows 10 is likely to run on more business computers as companies refresh their hardware with new kit running the OS out of the box, it still isn’t a match for its predecessor, Windows 7. That stands at 69%, according to Spiceworks’ 2017 OS Adoption Trends survey, conducted last month.

But while 9% of businesses are running at least one instance of Windows Vista, an operating system that Microsoft won’t support after 11 April, 52% of businesses still run XP, which hit end-of-life three years ago.

Overall, 14% of laptops and desktops were running XP last month, though only 1% were on Vista.

“Even if an OS has low overall share, many companies still have at least one PC running an unsupported OS tucked away somewhere in their environment,” said Spiceworks’ senior technology analyst, Peter Tsai.

More than two-thirds of respondents Spiceworks spoke to in a separate poll of 450 IT professionals admitted they are concerned that no more security patches are available for XP or – shortly – Vista.

But they raised other worries too – 43% feared software incompatibility while 35% said the older OSes will be more difficult to maintain, and 28% are worried about regulatory and compliance issues.

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