Original character (MCU): Thor Odinson

New character (comics): Jane Foster

What happened? This caused quite a ruckus when it was first revealed, as Thor is now a woman – not the original Thor Odinson. Turns out Odinson is currently unworthy of wielding the hammer Mjölnir (at the moment it remains a mystery why he dropped it in the first place), so in the comics a mysterious woman takes up Mjölnir. Needless to say, Odinson isn’t very happy about this. The identity of Thor – the new one, that is (this isn’t going to get confusing at all) – is kept a mystery for a good long while, until it’s revealed in a blaze of light that she’s Jane Foster, Odinson’s human girlfriend. Suffering from breast cancer in her mortal form, whenever she takes on the Thor mantle her illness becomes miraculously healed – but every time she turns into a god she’s dying a little faster, as all her chemotherapy treatment expels from her body during the transformation.

What does this mean for The Avengers Project? The game could see us meeting this problematic character rather than the booming, bearded god we’re used to. Godhood can’t be easy – especially when there’s the risk that your next transformation could be your last. Thor might be the sombre presence that reminds the Avengers about the burden of responsibility. 

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