If all those sporty sorts sprinting past your window have left you feeling the need to shed some timber, worry not: help is at hand.

Forget that gym membership: all it takes a quick trip to the App Store and, before you can say “Who needs Cross Fit when you have Wii Fit”, you’ll have the abs of an athlete.


Already doing your best to banish the pounds? Give your diligent dieting a boost with MyFitnessPal, a calorie-counting companion that combines food-logging with exercise data from the likes of Withings and Fitbit to provide an all-in-one answer to waistline control.

With a database of more than one million meals – as well as the option to add your own – it’s a cinch to stick in those chicken nugget cheat days.

Download MyFitnessPal for iOS here 

Download MyFitnessPal for Android here 


It’s time to download Strava – the handlebar app used by millions. Track your trails with GPS smarts, race along routes set by others and tap into all sorts of pedal-powered data – from distance to speed to elevation.

It’ll play nice with a host of trackers and watches, while pairing it with a heart-rate monitor really pumps things up.

Download Strava for iOS here

Download Strava for Android here


Say no to the sofa with C25K, an 8-week life-changer that’ll have you running a 5km race in a jiffy. Three half-hour sessions a week are all it takes, as you’re cheered on to your training goals by vocal cues from an audio coach.

It’s compatible with Nike+ and several fitness apps, and easy sharing integration means you can trumpet your newfound fitness to all your Facebook friends.

Download C25K for iOS here

Download C25K for Android here


Leave the excuses on the living room floor: Seven squeezes your daily dose of sweating into just 420 seconds, and it does so without a gym in sight.

Every exercise is bodyweight-only, while premium members gain access to a host of targeted workouts. A session a day for seven months is the aim, with an array of awards to encourage your commitment – in case the bulging biceps in the mirror aren’t enough.

Download Seven for iOS here

Download Seven for Android here


Searching for your chakra? Put Pocket Yoga on your smartphone and you’ll be stretching and swaying in seconds. With 27 sessions of varying difficulty, even first-time plankers ought to be OK, while a dictionary of poses will put paid to downward dog confusion.

Voice instructions mean you can keep your focus without looking down, too, so you can dream of that blueberry chia smoothie in peace.

Download Pocket Yoga for iOS here

Download Pocket Yoga for Android here


Quit paying that personal trainer: a bank of more than 1300 exercises – each explained with animations – together with a host of workout plans make Jefit a true motion-motivator.

What’s more, gym logs and performance charts leave little to the imagination, so you’ll have to stop stretching the truth about your one-rep max. If you’re more of a trailblazer, you can create your own routines, too.

Download Jefit for iOS here

Download Jefit for Android here


Started by a husband and wife team committed to fitness, Fitness Blender has grown into a vast community of like-minded movers and sweaters – and the app brings its infectiously social approach to your phone.

Like a giant group chat of ab-crunching fans, this is workout life made sociable, with bumps and trends the order of the day. From GIFs to videos, posts to pictures, this isn’t one for the shy gym-goer.

Download Fitness Blender Workouts for iOS here

Download Fitness Blender Workouts for Android here


If you prefer a little old-school sprinting, Runtastic will jot down your jogs with GPS logging, as well as delivering duration, distance and calorie data which can be exported to other fitness apps.

Audio feedback ought to help make hitting that personal best a breeze – as should social leaderboards that’ll show up any slackers in your midst. It plays nicely with Android Wear, too, as well as Runtastic’s own wearable hardware.

Download Runtastic for iOS here

Download Runtastic for Android here


If your pace is a little more sedate, Fitbit’s app makes step-tracking a doddle. Even without a wearable to pair it with, it can use your smartphone’s accelerometer to sense your movement, as daily goals get you pacing.

A simple interface paired with nifty features such as GPS logging make it winner for walkers, while social challenges mean you can put your pals to the test with a weekend step-off.

Download Fitbit for iOS here

Download Fitbit for Android here


If it’s money that motivates you, Pact will put your dollars on the line. Wager how many days you reckon you can work out, risk some pennies, then hit the gym. Pair it with apps such as MapMyRun, track workouts with GPS and check in at the gym – all to hit your targets.

The good news? If you manage it, you’ll start raking in the dosh lost by others.

Download Pact for iOS here

Download Pact for Android here


Sit-ups are all well and good, but if you’re bingeing on burgers every night you’ll soon lose those abs. 8fit solves this by serving up exercise plans alongside food advice, meal plans and tummy-friendly shopping lists. You can even filter out certain meal types – so paleo vegans have no excuse.

Throw in fat-fighting exercises – including videos – and you’ve got a properly healthy solution to food and fitness.

Download 8fit for iOS here

Download 8fit for Android here


Freeletics is seriously intense. You’ll probably spend most of your first session wheezing, aching and moaning, before heading back inside for a long bath and a cry.

If you want front-cover abs to take to Marbella, though, Freeletics is your answer. For free, you’ll get a heap of bodyweight exercises that’ll have you sweatier than Paddington in the marmalade aisle, while the paid coach gets you an advanced machine-learning system that provides bespoke training, goals and advice.

Feeling really keen? There are Freeletics running, gym and nutrition apps, too, if you want to go the whole hog. Yes, the subscription isn’t as cheap as others, but it’s properly clever and, if you’re committed, will get you abs like a Lego brick.

Download Freeletics Bodyweight for iOS here

Download Freeletics Bodyweight for Android here


As if Fitbit hadn’t done enough to get you moving, it’s now offering Fitstar, a personal trainer in your pocket. With a workout schedule designed around you, personalised video workouts mean you’ll have no problem nailing the moves – while session lengths that range from 7 to 50 minutes eliminate any excuses about being too busy.

The full version is available via monthly subscription but, at US$7.99, that’s a pretty reasonable regime.

Download FitStar for iOS here

Download FitStar for Android here


If you find the usual crop of workout apps intimidating, Sworkit is a stellar place to start. With exercise plans to suit both your fitness level and your desired results, the app is designed to work around your lifestyle – whether that’s a quick lunchtime stretch or a sweaty session every morning. You can even create custom routines that skip your least favourite exercises.

Upgrade to premium and you’ll get full guidance and access to trainers, though there’s plenty in the free version to make Sworkit accessible to everyone.

Download Sworkit for iOS here

Download Sworkit for Android here


Got 30 minutes to spare every day? Join the live, daily workout show with Daily Burn for exercise with a twist. If you can’t stand the idea of hitting the gym with a class of sweatpant-clad gym bunnies, it’s a solid way to emulate that group motivation feeling in your home.

There’s a bank of on-demand workouts, too, if you pay for premium, though it’s really the live chat and guests that make Daily Burn unique. It’s not for everyone, but it’s properly open fitness.

Download Daily Burn for iOS here

Download Daily Burn for Android here

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