So you might be noticing something’s changed…

Well, doesn’t this look a lot nicer?

When we first relaunched PC & Tech Authority’s online presence it was designed to be a cutting edge edition to the print magazine. But that was a few years ago, now, and things have changed – the internet is an ever-changing place, and it’s important to keep up with the times. And so… our new site, which we’re very, very fond of.

We’ve made it simpler to navigate, easier to read, and with a better idea of where you are in the site. Over the years we’ve integrated Atomic and Hyper into the site, as well as launched our popular Upgrade Australia events, and now we’ve really made an effort to not only make those brands a better fit, but also feel like proper sites in their own right.

We’ve made our images pop a lot more, made the site itself more responsive on both desktop and mobile, and tied in our various social media outlets to each page you visit.

But while everything looks shiny and new, we can promise you the same excellent content, written and curated by the best writers and editors in the industry, with the news, features, and reviews you’ve come to expect.

And you might want to look out for the next on-sale issue of the magazine, as well, as we’ve made a few changes for the better there, as well.

As always, we look forward to any feedback you want to send our way, either on an individual article, or via email feedback. 

Enjoy the new site – we certainly are.

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