Bungie has come out and officilly revealed Destiny 2, to be released on PlayStation 4, XBox One and PC. Console gamers can expect to get it in September, while those married to their gaming PCs will have to… wait. Who knows how long? Maybe only a week, maybe a year. At least you’ll be able to brew and consume plenty of coffee during this time.


(Or, you know. Play something else. You’ve not shortage of games.)


Notably, the PC release will bypass Steam entirely, and make use of Blizzard’s service, Battle.net.


While there is a sense that maybe Bungie should continue building on the original game, do remember that that game was also tied to previous gen consoles, a limitation that the sequel should be blissfully freed from. Oh, and the publishing deal is with Activision. Did anybody ever believe that there would never be numbered sequels that could be sold for one hundred bucks a pop?


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