We suspect most Monster Hunter players will, at some point, have had a tiny bit of sympathy for the beasts they’re slaying. In some cases the monsters are simply minding their own business, and all of a sudden you roll in and swing a giant sword into their face.

Monster Hunter Stories seems like a lovely antidote to that. You team up with cute variations of monsters and engage in turn-based battles, and as the name makes clear story-telling will be key; no doubt going beyond the limited tales shared in the main series games.

With an October release in Japan creeping ever closer the game’s getting a big push in the country, and we thought the latest trailer was simply too good to ignore. It showcases the diversity of characters and some visuals that truly make the best of the 3DS. Check it out below.

Sadly there’s still no indication of this one coming to the West, but we’ve not lost hope yet. If Monster Hunter Generations is having a solid run in the West it’s possible Capcom could consider a 2017 localisation; we shall see in good time.

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