If your PC enthusiast heart embodies the Star Wars villain Emperor Palpatine and you’re in constant search of “UNLIMITED POWAAAHHH!”, then the Upgrade Australia 4.0 Power Arena is for you!

Developed to showcase some of the most powerful gaming setups in Australia’s PC enthusiast scene, it’s also an opportunity for those running older platforms to demonstrate a good upgrade selection, like a new GPU, can elevate an otherwise aging system back into the performance ranks.

With a range of tests to be run to stress, examine and compare different PC sub-systems, the Upgrade Australia 4.0 Power Arena is an opportunity to demonstrate your system tweaking skills. So dial in the OC boost, tweak the voltages, tighten the timings, crank the frequency and get busy crunching operations and pushing pixels – the Power Arena awaits!

The last details for categories and judging criteria are currently being finalised, so watch this space for more info!

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