You know those weird little messages that start throbbing on the title screen as soon as you load up Minecraft? They’re called splash text, and they range from pop culture gags to near-inscrutable gaming references. Seems pretty innocuous, but like any good inside joke, it quickly got out of hand: the game included more than 100 of these bobbing yellow messages at launch and it has more than 350 today. Whichever one shows up is completely random, so you know you’ve been playing too much Minecraft once you stop seeing new ones.

Here are a few of my personal favorites:
“Any computer is a laptop if you’re brave enough!”, which may be legally prosecutable.
“Treatment for your rash!”, which I am so thankful for.
“Totally forgot about Dre!”, which, I’m ashamed to admit, I did as well.
“Stop being reasonable, this is the Internet!”, which is an unreasonable response.
“Run, coward! I hunger!”, which is a rather sinister thing to say.
“Follow the train, CJ!”, which is why I was not too upset about how things ended up with Big Smoke.

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