I have some pretty serious issues when it comes to falling asleep. I could be half-nodding off on the couch Netflix and chillin’, but the minute my head hits the pillow… wide awake. 

Apparently, I need the Somnox sleep support bot.

Doubtless you, like me, is now picturing some sleek, multi-armed ‘bot gently patting one off to the land of nod, perhaps while counting sheep in binary, but the Somnox is nothing like that. It’s effectively a hug pillow (man, these things would go off if they sold with anime characters printed on them) that gathers data from the person sleeping next to it, and then simulates a breathing rhythm that ‘assists in the user falling asleep’.

The Somnox is the brainchild of Danish company Berger Neurorobotics, a company name I am totally stealing for my next game of Cyberpunk 2020. It also recently won the Robotdalen Innovation Award.

Aside from basically being a giant breathing peanut, the Somnox can wake you up with a rising level of light, and play back music or even audio books that turn off when you fall asleep.

The Somnox is not available yet, but if this sounds like your ticket to snooze, you can sign up to be a tester.

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