As any regular Mac owner knows, using emoji in Apple’s operating system is a bit of a faff. The quickest way to send someone a burrito or let them know you’re throwing shade is to bring up the character viewer by pressing “ctrl+cmd+space” and then selecting the emoji you want to use. Now, though, one GitHub user has made the whole process a darn sight simpler.

User Warpling made use of Mac OS X Mountain Lion’s text substitution feature to create list of emoji shortcuts based on Slack’s clever substitution system. Simply type the name of your desired emoji between two colons, and voila your aubergine can materialise as quickly as any good dick joke does.

If you’re not familiar with Slack, don’t worry, the system uses simple language to describe what it is you want. Type :clap: for a clapping hands emoji, or :running: for the running man one. It’s less clear how Warpling has handled multiple skin tone emoji, but it’s simple enough to go for the longer route of adding in emoji if you’re not satisfied with the default yellow hands.

Installing Warpling’s shortcut is also incredibly simple.

  1. Download Warpling’s emoji substitutions.plist (right click and “save link as”)

  2. Open System Preferences and go to Keyboard | Text

  3. Drag the emoji substitutions file from your downloads and add it into the list of substitutions

  4. That’s it, you’re done! Just type an emoji of choice like :snake: and hit space and you emoji will appear before your eyes

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