Nintendo’s estimates for the internal battery of the Nintendo Switch suggest that you can get about three hours of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild before you need to recharge. That’s pretty good for a portable handheld capable of playing console-quality games, but if you’re a heavy gamer it’s still not quite enough.

Luckily, the Nintendo Switch uses a standard USB-C port that’s become standard on all Android smartphones, so you probably already have a few cables laying around that work with the Switch if you’ve upgraded your phone in the last year or so. Using a standard port makes it much easier to get a compatible power bank to allow you to play while you charge.

The Anker PowerCore+ 20,100mAh power bank is the exact power pack you need if you want to do just that. It supports charging at 5V/3A, which should be enough for you to continually charge your device while it’s plugged in. A lot of other power banks only charge at 5V/1.5A, which is not enough to maintain a charge and power the console at the same time.

The only downside to this power bank is that it’s kind of pricey at $69.95, but it should give you enough power to get through a whole day of using your Nintendo Switch on the go without having to dock it to recharge.

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