Now that the Nintendo Switch is available, one of the many complaints I’ve seen online is that the Joy-Cons don’t have enough substance to them to grip. I found them comfortable to hold, even if the back is a bit flat, but if that’s your main problem with the Joy-Cons, this Joy-Con Gel Guard kit from PDP is the perfect solution for that problem.

The PDP Joy-Con Gel Guard kit comes with two sleeves that you slip over the Joy-Con with two analog stick caps to help protect them. They have a little bit more texture to the grip so if you find your fingers slipping off the analog stick when you’re using it, these grips might help alleviate the problem.

The main issue most people have with the Joy-Cons is that Nintendo didn’t include any ergonomic curves on the back of the device, mainly because they’re intended to be used in several different configurations. Without something to rest your fingers against comfortably while you play, your fingers can end up getting cramped. These PDP Gel Guards solve that problem by giving you an ergonomic back to the Joy-Con.

I’ve found the Joy-Cons much easier to hold now that I have these gel grips installed on them and they’re pretty easy to take off if you don’t want to use them. I only have two real complaints about this kit, but given that it retails for about $7.99 on Amazon they’re not too major.

The first complaint is an aesthetic one. I bought a Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Cons and the gray used for this grip kit doesn’t quite match up with the Joy-Con gray. It’s not immediately noticeable since the grips cover most of the Nintendo Switch, but you can see the darker grey around the area where the analog sticks come out.

My second complaint is that the and + buttons on the Joy-Con controller don’t stick up much already, so when you attach this skin to the Joy-Con, those buttons feel flush with the skin and they can sometimes be hard to press. I only struggled with this for the first few hours that I installed the skin and after that it became habit to press these buttons with my nail.

I tried to get a good close-up picture of the issue so you guys can see it, but I was having trouble getting my camera to focus on the Joy-Cons so close. If you look at the button in the pictures above you can see how it appears to sit down inside the skin with it attached to the Joy-Con. All in all not a deal-breaker, but certainly worth noting.

While I got the Gray Joy-Con guards for my Nintendo Switch, it’s worth noting that PDP also has red and blue guard sets available. The only downside is there doesn’t seem to be a set that features the red and blue colors together, so if you bought the colored Joy-Con version of the Nintendo Switch you’ll have to pick which color you like most and stick with it.

Overall, for those of you who have complaints about the comfort of the Joy-Con while holding it for long sessions, I think these grips will serve you nicely. I’ve got over 100+ hours in Breath of the Wild and about half of them have been played with these Joy-Con grips installed on my controllers. They feel nice, they look nice, and best of all they’re relatively inexpensive.

PDP Gray Joy-Con Gel Guards – $7.99

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