And it’s just landed on our desk – here’s what’s inside!

Well, it’s landed on Hyper editor Daniel Wilks’ desk, but I’ve been drooling at it all day, and now he let me have a good old fondle of it all.

For those not in the know, Deadlands is a now classic tabletop RPG, set in a wild west that is very similar, but a lot… wilder. Native American tribes have summoned powerful spirits to protect their lands, the west coast of the US has shattered into maze of canyons and drowned valleys, and card-playing magicians can summon all kinds of magic. But a six-gun can still look after in these weird times…

The game’s 20 years old this year, and to celebrate a successful Kickstarter for a 20th Anniversary Edition of the game, and Daniel doubled down for one of the higher end pledges, netting himself not just a lovely hardcover of the new rules, but a mess of neat extras into the bargain.

So here’s a taste of what the Weird West has to offer…

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