If you’re a gamer, you need everything in your life to be made for gamers – eyeglasses, energy drinks, keyboards and mice, chairs… you name it, there’s a ‘gamer’ version of it. And now you can put your money down for a backpack – made for gamers.

The Core Gaming Backpack has a lot going for it as a mere bag – padded shoulder straps, handy carrying handle, lots of compartments, and it looks kinda cool. But it’s been made for taking your gaming accessories with you on the road, so it handle gaming laptops, controllers of all kinds, and is even pre-wired for a power-bank or external battery, along with an external USB3 port.

There’s also built-in shock absorption to protect your gear, ventilation to stop you getting too sweaty, and is made to be as security checkpoint friendly as possible for when you go on those long international gaming trips.

It’s live on Kickstarter now, and just $89 gets you the bag. Higher pledges get you everything from a fidget spinner (kill me now) to a power-pack and headphones.

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