Black Friday gaming deals get all the hype in the leadup to the holidays, but let’s not forget our friend Cyber Monday. Originally devised as an alternative, digital-focused day of ludicrous sales that spared you the stampedes at brick-and-mortar stores, Cyber Monday has now evolved into a full-on extension of Black Friday. Plenty of great deals are now saved for the start of the next week to renew the money-saving-and-spending fervor of the post-Thanksgiving weekend. It’s never too early to start strategically planning which sales to look out for – so with that in mind, we’ve assembled a shortlist of the sites you’ll want to refresh like mad once Black Friday has passed and Cyber Monday looms, organized by the type of stuff you’re looking to score. And be sure to check back, because we’ll be updating this article with all the wildest Cyber Monday gaming deals as they go live. 

Best Cyber Monday console deals 

Amazon US Cyber Monday | Target Cyber Monday | Walmart Cyber Monday | eBay Cyber Monday

It’s a known fact that Black Friday has become the best time to pick up that new console you’ve been meaning to buy on the cheap, whether for yourself or for a loved one’s Christmas gift. And even if you. And you can bet that the very best PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch deals will get encores on Cyber Monday for anyone who missed them the first time around. Whether you’re looking for standalone consoles or high-value bundles with extra peripherals and games, Amazon, Target, and Walmart are sure shots, with eBay often getting surprisingly good sales out of the blue.

Best Cyber Monday physical game deals 

Amazon US Cyber Monday | GameStop US Cyber Monday | Walmart Cyber Monday 

Game deals are more of a crapshoot during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday blitz, but there are often some of the year’s best games getting deep discounts if you keep a watchful eye out. Amazon (which you’ll notice is consistently one of the best sources on this list), GameStop, and Walmart will be offering plenty of deals for physical copies of games, so you can hold an actual disc in your hand or wrap it up as a present for later. 

Best Cyber Monday digital game deals 

PlayStation Store US Cyber Monday | Xbox Store US Cyber Monday | Nintendo eShop Cyber Monday | Steam Store Cyber Monday

If you’ve got the hard drive space to spare and want to save on shipping costs, digital games are (relatively) dirt cheap around Cyber Monday. Granted, most sites have started to treat the entire weekend as fair game for digital deals, but Cyber Monday typically acts as a grand finale – a final hurrah to revel in heavily discounted digital copies of the year’s standout games. Official storefronts are usually the way to go, with the PlayStation and Xbox stores offering oodles of great value on some of their best games (especially if you’re a purveyor of PlayStation Plus and Xbox Gold). Unfortunately, the Nintendo eShop is usually stingier when it comes to deals, but it doesn’t hurt to hop in and see what you see come Monday.

Best Cyber Monday peripherals (controllers, headsets, VR) deals 

Amazon US Cyber Monday | Newegg Cyber Monday | Best Buy Cyber Monday

Controllers sure ain’t cheap these days – so like consoles, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best time to go all out and pick up a full suite of gamepads for four-player fun (or pick up that snazzy colorway you’ve been eyeing). Amazon, Newegg, and Best Buy tend to offer the most lucrative deals on peripherals during Cyber Monday – and that includes specialty items like high-end gaming headsets, racing wheels, and VR bundles. 

Best Cyber Monday TV deals 

Amazon US Cyber Monday | Walmart Cyber Monday | Target Cyber Monday | Best Buy Cyber Monday

Whether you’re eager to upgrade to a 4K and/or HDR TV to make the most of Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, or you just want a bigger screen to better appreciate, you’re likely to save big on Cyber Monday. TVs definitely aren’t impulse purchases, so you’ll want to take the wait-and-see approach to compare and contrast your options, but Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy are sure to have plenty of TV offerings for you to sort through and decide which is the one you really want.

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