Acting as part two of the three-part Assassin’s Creed Chronicles mini-series, Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India is the franchise’s first foray into what was, at the time, the Jewel in the Crown of the British Empire. Unfortunately, you’ll only see a limited amount of it, because main character Arbaaz’s linear, 2.5D path doesn’t leave room to explore much of anything. Beautiful backdrops and a satisfying sense of movement make up for that somewhat, but that only does so much to fix the game’s other pressing issues.

Forcing you to suffer through unsatisfying, sloppily designed missions, the tedious stealth ‘option’ is basically mandatory. Chronicles India punishes you for even attempting to liven things up with combat, handing out automatic low scores or outright failure for your efforts. And in a game where points are directly tied to important upgrades, that just feels like bullying. Clumsy attempts to up the tension – like forcing Arbaaz to run slower than he did five minutes before, for no reason – lead to even more frustration, and awkward pacing makes the game drag horrendously. Falling short of its predecessor, Chronicles China, in almost every respect, this is an entry you can safely vault right over.

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