The wait is over and the Nintendo Switch is finally here. I’ve been carting mine everywhere with me over the past week and while it’s compact enough to fit on the inside of one of my inner jacket pockets, that’s probably not the best way to carry it around.

I started looking at some of the accessory options that are available this early in the Nintendo Switch’s life and while the selection is certainly sparse, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing out there. I wanted to put together a list that would be great for those looking for protection for their Nintendo Switch, or for anyone looking for gift ideas for someone they know who owns a Nintendo Switch.

1. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

This is without a doubt the cream of the crop when it comes to Nintendo Switch accessories. In fact, it’s so popular that it’s been sold out since the Switch launched on Friday. You’ll probably need the help of NowInStock tracker in order to track one of these over the next few weeks, as the GameStop representative I spoke with told me that stock would probably be scarce for the next few weeks.

I can’t personally speak to how well the Switch Pro Controller feels since I couldn’t get my hands on one before launch, but it boasts the same 40+ hour charge time that made the Wii U Pro Controller such a must have for that system. Nintendo was onto something good with it and it looks like the Switch Pro Controller is just a more refined version of that.

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2. Nintendo Switch Grip Kit

If you like party games like Snipperclips and 1-2-Switch, you may think the Joy-Con controllers by themselves are a little uncomfortable. Well, that’s where this accessory comes in to turn each individual Joy-Con into it’s own ergonomic little controller to make them easier to handle.

It’s worth noting that this accessory isn’t compatible with the Joy-Cons when they’re attached to the Switch itself, so this is more something that you pop them into while you play. If you’re looking for something that will make the grips more ergonomic while attached to the Nintendo Switch, the next accessory is what you need.

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3. Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Gel Guards

PDP has made a set of Joy-Con Gel Guards that are designed to protect the Joy-Cons, but they also provide a curved ergonomic back that provide a bit more of a rounded feel that you may be used to when it comes to a controller.

We don’t recommend applying any sticky stuff to your Nintendo Switch because the material the Joy-Cons are made from reacts poorly with 3M adhesive, so this is the best way to get colored grips. PDP makes this set of grey Joy-Con gel guards, but they also have red and blue available and likely more colors as the Switch gains more popularity.

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4. Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The Nintendo Switch is a touchscreen device, which means you’re going to get fingerprints all over it. You can help reduce the impact of those fingerprints by getting a tempered glass screen protector while your device is brand new. This thin piece of glass will protect your screen from small knicks and scuffs and this particular screen protector is highly praised due to its lack of halo effect and how easy it is to apply.

You’ll get two screen protectors in the package, so if you happen to mess up one or want a spare this isn’t a bad deal.

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5. Joy-Con Charging Dock

This is the accessory I’m waiting on the most and likely a lot of people will be. Nintendo didn’t include a charging grip with the Nintendo Switch, which means the only way to charge Joy-Con controllers is to dock them to the Switch. That’s fine if you only have one set of Joy-Con controllers, but what about if you have two?

That’s where this charging dock comes in. Amazon says it won’t be released until March 31st, but you can pre-order it now. It’s designed to charge up to four Joy-Con controllers in a pretty small package so party-gamers should be happy.

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6. PDP Nintendo Switch Carrying Case

PDP has a nice selection of officially licensed cases to wrap up your Switch while you’re on the go. The one pictured above is the standard version, but there’s also a black design featuring Mario power-ups and a black design featuring Breath of the Wild Link.

These are also some of the cheapest carrying cases around but it looks like the initial stock that was available is sold out. You may be able to find these at your local GameStop, which is where I picked up mine.

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7. HORI Playstand

The Nintendo Switch comes with a kickstand so that you can play the handheld with the Joy-Cons detached, but the included kickstand is rather flimsy. Additionally, it serves as the cover for the microSD card, so if you mess around and break the kickstand you’re kind of screwed on that front.

This accessory is a much better kickstand than what Nintendo provided since it provides all-over stabilization for the device instead of just from one corner. It also lets you choose a wider variety of angles than the kickstand that is on the back of the device, making it a lot more flexible.

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