After you’re done slaying cyberdemons and defiling ancient burial grounds, why not settle in with a nice, warm cup of existential dread and personal doubt? That’s The Talos Principle: a slow, contemplative puzzler where you, as a sentient robotic AI, attempt to discover what it means to be human while you investigate the mystery behind your pristine digital confines. This sounds like the most pretentious game in the world, but thanks to some absolutely stellar writing, The Talos Principle is surprisingly grounded, handling its philosophical themes in a way that is simultaneously cerebral and relatable. It helps that the puzzles are wonderfully designed, too, starting off with simple laser-guidance puzzles and ending with brain-busters that make you feel like you’re pulling one over on the game designers. All of it combines to make an experience that actually feels mature without being ‘mature’, and it’s a game no PS4 owner should be without. 

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