4K transcoding and all-flash enabled NAS feature.

Synology hosted its annual user event, along with partners Seagate, WD, and Samsung. Aside from showing off a range of business and corporate announcements, the storage company also launched a range of consumer devices and new NAS features.

 “This year at Synology 2018, a lot of exciting and innovative solutions and products were announced to accelerate businesses and secure digital assets. We were happy to see so many of our users at the event to witness the amazing things Synology brings to organisations and personal life.” said Derren Lu, CTO of Synology.

The two- and four-bay DS218 and DS418 offer 4K transcoding, and Btrfs snapshot technology, which effectively lets users create a Windows-like restore point for their stored data, while the larger DS3018xs and FS1018 NAS drives offer a six-bay option, and an all-flash 12-bay drive for people who really, really love SSD-based storage.

Also on show was Synology’s new AC2200 tri-band Mesh router, which lets users manage all connected devices and nodes via Synology Router Manager software. 

Updates to Synology’s own NAS software will be rolling out over the next few months. One to look out for is Moments, a deep-learning-powered app that can automatically generate photo albums using facial recognition. location information, and what objects and scenes are featured in each photograph, while Alexa support is coming to Synology’s Audio Station, adding voice command functionality. And Active Backup can now backup documents and calendars from Google and Office 365.

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