We have mixed feelings about review aggregators, but things like this help show that Nintendo has been smashing it this year.

To put this all in perspective, before moving to a nice and clean out-of-ten scoring system a few years back, the highest review score that Hyper magazine ever gave was 97. We’re talking about a score reserved for the likes of Half-Life, Deus Ex and, err… Unreal. This means that after being reviewed by, at present, sixty-seven outlets, Odyssey’s meta-score is as high as we ever rated anything.

Generally, we’ve come to see such precise numbers for abstract qualities as kind of silly, but it says a lot here because it means that so many people are all in agreement that the game is freaking exceptional. What’s even more amazing is that Breath of the Wild managed something very similar earlier this year.

Actually. Ignore all of that. Numbers are stupid. Just enjoy what seems to be one of – maybe even the – finest mainline Mario game(s) ever made. You can even play it while out for lunch at PAX.

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