Nintendo’s mobile hit Fire Emblem Heroes has found its biggest fan. Or maybe just someone with a lot of spare cash.

Redditor Kooko22 spent $1,000 on the game to max out pretty much everything he could, including expanding team size to 500 and filling out his roster completely.

He fielded questions from redditors in an AMA, where they picked his brain about his feat. He revealed the first question that was on everyone’s minds: how does he afford to spend that much money on a mobile game? Turns out, he’s chemical analysis software developer. Which gives you a lot of disposable income, apparently.

He also revealed his main reason to spend the money: he wanted to test to see of Fire Emblem Heroes’ random character pulls are actually random. The result? The system works as advertised.

For those who aren’t familiar with the game: players can earn (or purchase Orbs), which are used to summon heroes into your barracks. Kooko22 filled his barracks, but he still didn’t get Hector, one of the most prized heroes.

Fire Emblem Heroes launched last week and generated almost $3 million on its first day.

Kooko22 also shared his Fire Emblem roster:

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