SCUF gaming controllers are just about the most customisable controllers on the market. You can pick the material they’re coated in, the style of thumb-sticks, the amount of crazy but crazy-useful extra triggers… If you’re serious about gaming, you know SCUF.

But they’re also kind of annoying to buy – but now they’re available to buy in Australia, via

Blue Mouth is importing pre-configured controllers based on the 30 or so best-selling controller combos. You can buy after-market kits to further tweak your controller, but the local operation doesn’t do any customisation itself – you still have to go direct to SCUF if that’s what you’re after.

But if you’re happy with what’s being brought into the country (and we got to try some at PAX, recently, and they’re pretty swish), you’ll get a quality peripheral backed by local support, a local warranty, and much faster shipping.

As to what you can expect, Xbox One Originals come in five colours, feature four rear paddles, and interchangeable thumbsticks, and retail from $219 depending on the colour you choose. PS4 Originals come in nine colours, have two rear paddles, and interchangeable thumbsticks, and retail from the same price.

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