Samsung’s Boxby voice interface had a limited rollout alongside the Galaxy 8 and 8+ phones, but from today Australian’s can now install the service on their devices.

“Bixby is an intelligent way of interacting with your Samsung smartphone,” said Garry McGregor, Director, IT and Mobile, Samsung Electronics Australia, in today’s announcement. “With the introduction of Bixby voice, our Australian customers with a compatible smartphone will be able activate the power and functionality of the Bixby experience simply by speaking with their device.”

To install Bixby, just swipe to the Bixby home screen or hold the Bixby button, and follow the prompts. Then you can start creating custom voice commands to do everything from set alarms to sending photographs to friends and family.

As long as you don’t mind sounding like bit of a nong whenever you say “Hi Bixby”.

You can learn more about Bixby commands here.

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