According to a new rumor, Nintendo doesn’t intend to support external hard drives with the upcoming Switch console. Their (reported) reasoning? Because attaching an external harddrive won’t make the console portable any longer. Or at least, not as portable as carrying just the tablet.

Nintendo wants gamers to be able to take the console with them and continue playing at any time. If a large external hard drive is attached to the console at home, it would be quite cumbersome to log that hard drive around alongside the tablet.

Instead, the Switch will support microSD cards with up to 128 GB of capacity. Which doesn’t sound like a lot, considering how most big AAA games these days are around 50 GB each.

Price-wise, a 128 GB microSD card costs about $40. For $10 more, you can get a 2 TB external 2.5″ hard drive.

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