There’s been some rumours that one of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s fab sites was damaged in last week’s 6.4 magnitude earthquake, but the company now affirms that Fab 14 and Fab 6 are undamaged.

The company, also known as TSMC, is responsible for a large proportion of the world’s chip wafer production, from RAM to GPUs and more. 

What it has said in a recent release is that the wafers that were in the middle of production may be affected, but it is still assessing that batch. Otherwise, no equipment or facilities were damage, nothing shifted, and the sites are expected to be at normal production with “two to three days”.

The slowdown during earthquake is expected to account for no more than a one per cent loss over the year’s first quarter. 

Previous, more damaging earthquakes, have been much more impactful, slowing down production enough that RAM prices in fact raised worldwide. It doesn’t look like anything that serious will happen this time.

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