The breaching will never stop.

Ubisoft may be heading into the third year of its team-based shooter, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, but there’s no slowing down new content for the game.

The year will be split into four seasons (groundbreaking!), and will overall feature eight new operators, two new maps, and a newly redesigned map. The first season will feature two biohazard focused operators (I’m guessing they’re skilled at dealing with biohazards, rather than being actual biohazards), and a special co-op mission that will only be available for four weeks.

And of course there’ll be all kinds of gaudy cosmetic items.

The Year 3 pass will be on sale from December 12, and for a short time you’ll still be able to buy the Year 2 pass. 

EA could really learn a lot about monetising from Ubi, I’m just sayin’.

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