After a couple of leaks, we already knew that Rage 2 was going to be part of the E3 2018 games line-up, but now we’ve had an official reveal, a teaser trailer and, yes, a full gameplay trailer that looks suitably epic. Like the first game, it’s another open world, post-apocalyptic adventure, but this time around it’s being made by Avalanche Studios and id Software. The latter is obviously known for its FPS prowess with the likes of Doom, while Avalanche Studios is the king of open world mayhem, as you’ll likely know from Mad Max and Just Cause 3. Hopefully those two powerhouses should blend perfectly together for what Bethesda is calling a “carnival of carnage”. Umm, where can we get tickets?

Fast facts:

  • Rage 2 release date: 2019
  • Publisher: Bethesda
  • Developer: Avalanche Games / id Software
  • Platform: Xbox One, PS4, PC

Rage 2 story is set in the year 2185, 50 years after the first game

In the game you play as Walker, the last Ranger of the Wasteland in the year 2185. That’s 50 years after the original game. As you can see, things have moved on a bit, but it’s still a fight for survival. Humanity’s numbers are dwindling, and it’s up to you to fight for what’s left under the rule of the tyrannical force known as The Authority. To do that, you’ll have to battle gangs to find the tools and tech you need. The world is devoid of law, order and all society so expect some serious carnage in the badlands. 

Rage 2 release date is set for sometime in 2019

Thankfully you don’t have too long to wait until you can get involved in the mayhem, as Rage 2’s release date is set for, well, sometime in 2019 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Annoyingly there’s no indication as to what quarter of 2019 Rage 2 will arrive, but we’ll get our wingsticks ready regardless. 

The first Rage 2 trailer shows off gameplay that’s basically Bulletstorm x Mad Max x Doom x Sunset Overdrive

Before you read any more about the game, you have to watch the above Rage 2 trailer. The first official gameplay trailer arrived with a burst of neon, guns, mohawks and our favourite, weird weapon, the wingstick. It does a brilliant job of showing off the game’s open-world, it’s traversal options from monster trucks to gyrocopters, and the weaponry, which includes guns, mechs and more.

Interestingly, we get a look at three of the factions you’ll be fighting in Rage 2. There’s the Riverhogs, which understandably live near the river and have a penchant for hanging rats around their being from massive tusks. Then there’s the Abadon (not Abandon, as you might first think), who have bright yellow eyes and make armour from what they can scavenge, like car doors and tyres. And there’s the Goons, which are the ones who love colourful graffiti and neon hairstyles.

Interestingly, in combination with all the upgradable weapons you can spot in this trailer, you’ll also be able to crank up the rampage using a collection of powers called Nanotrites. In this trailer there seems to be a Destiny Warlock-style force slap, some Quake-style aerial play, and even a rather impressive triple jump. There’s also mention of an ability called Overdrive, which allegedly lets you “push your guns beyond their mechanical limits”, whatever that might mean.  

Rage 2 gameplay will be set across an open world

Rage 2 will feature a seamless open-world that you can traverse using the various vehicles you can find in game. Luckily it seems to be the case that if you can see it, you can drive it, a la GTA. You’ll be using your new-found wheels to race around a “vast and varied landscape”, which includes climes like swamps, jungles and deserts. Who knew the post-apocalyptic world could still be so beautiful. According to Bethesda, it’ll be like diving “headfirst into a dystopian world devoid of society, law, and order. You can go anywhere, shoot anything, and explode everything.” Sounds fun, count us in.

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