And it’s landing before the year of 2017 is done. As though this year didn’t have too many good games already.

Chalk this one up to incredibly obvious for one of two reasons: you can either follow the trail of leaks, or you can opt to take the view that re-releasing older games is basically Capcom’s stock in trade these days.

As much as we would like to see Capcom work with some new material, Okami was a great game – for many, it is the finest example of the now-traditional pre-BotW 3D Zelda template – and although it has been re-released on other systems, we’re happy to see it coming to current gen hardware.

According to Capcom it will  feature “stunning 4K graphics on XBox One X, PS4 Pro and supported PC hardware.” We assume that the regular model PS4 and XBO’s will be able to handle 1080p without a sweat here.

Presently, Okami HD is slated for release December 17.

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