The Raspberry Pi always tempted me, but you have to buy a bunch of other bits and pieces to use it… But not necessarily. For one thing, you might already own the bits you need, because many of them – like an SD card, or a USB keyboard – are things you’re likely to have sitting unused in your cupboard.

But even if you don’t, you can now buy a single box that comes with everything you need to set you off on a wonderful coding adventure! Because the British company itself, to celebrate shipping its 10 millionth Pi, has compiled a nifty-looking all-in-one kit.

The Raspberry Pi Starter Kit (well, there’s no sense in coming up with a fancy-schmancy name when a simple one will do, is there?) contains a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B computer, an 8GB SD card to provide storage, an official case to protect the circuit board, a power supply unit, a metre-long HDMI cable (to connect the Pi to a monitor or TV), a USB optical mouse and a USB keyboard. It also comes with a copy of Adventures in Raspberry Pi (Second Edition), a highly-rated tome that will help you get started with a mix of inspiration and instruction.

You’ll need to sort out a screen for yourself, but otherwise the The Raspberry Pi Starter Kit costs $228.

When the bare bones Pi 3 Model B itself only costs $50, you might think that sounds a lot, but the company claims this package is “unashamedly premium” and that the products they’ve sourced are top drawer quality – and we think they do look very, very slick indeed. This package looks like it’d make a nice tasteful tech gift for the would-be coder in your life.

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