Oculus Rift’s companion controllers Oculus Touch have just had a major improvement, finally allowing Oculus developers and users to enjoy the benefits of Vive-style room-scale virtual reality environments.

Currently the Oculus Rift only supports one tracking camera to capture headset tracking. The same camera was also intended for use with hand-tracking controllers, Oculus Touch. Now, though, Oculus has opened up tracking capabilities for up to four cameras, meaning large room-scale environments can now be created.

While this technology hasn’t filtered down to end users yet – and currently no Rift titles support it – it does mean we could see some HTC Vive-style games coming to Rift later this year once Touch launches. Interestingly, as Valve’s SteamVR platform supports Rift and room-scale development, SteamVR devs can already make use of the update to build their games. The addition of extra cameras for tracking should also help reduce occlusion issues the Rift currently faces, losing tracking if people turn their heads too far away from the camera’s tracking range

Oculus’ founder Palmer Luckey has talked about the potential for room-scale VR with his Rift for a while now, but this is the first time we’ve seen any indication of the company looking into providing it.

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