The Nokia brand has been building a fair amount of heat in the weeks leading up to Mobile World Congress. The world’s biggest phone show is set to see the once-beloved brand’s big return to the smartphone space it once so unceremoniously left behind.

Of course, that’s the HMD version, the Nokia name being licensed out by a local company formed from ex-pats of the tech giant. The true Nokia has been chugging along with a focus on bigger, industrial and enterprise projects. So, when that Nokia announces that it’s got a new digital assistant to show the world, you know it’s not going to be debuting its own take on Siri.

That said, the company does have a nice, adorable name picked out for the project. MIKA stands for “Multi-purpose Intuitive Knowledge Assistant,” letting engineers and telecom operators access information through voice commands. The system is powered by the company’s cognitive services platform, using “augmented intelligence with automated learning to provide access to an extensive range of tools, documents and data sources.”

Essentially the system is designed to offer quick answers to engineer questions, based on experience drawn from other networks – so, it’s not entirely unlike Siri or Alexa, but it’ll provide answers to engineering questions, instead of turning on a smart lightbulb or checking the local weather.

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