Part of Nintendo’s reluctance to admit that its console doesn’t feature a consumer browser or web apps is because Nintendo’s afraid of the console getting hacked. Hacking was a huge problem for the PSP, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, and to some extent the PS Vita, which is why handhelds can perform poorly in the market.

If everyone is buying the console to hack it and use pirated games, no one is buying the games and that’s not good for anyone. While we’re not quite to that point on the Nintendo Switch, notable hacker qwertyoruiop has posted the above screenshot to Twitter to show that it is indeed possible to hack the Nintendo Switch.

No full details about the WebKit exploit he used to hack the system were provided so this isn’t something that general consumers should be concerned about just yet. However, it does go to show that despite Nintendo’s fears about hackers breaking into their system, it only took a week for a workable exploit to be found. Nintendo will likely patch it up soon, however.

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