An 850-piece Nintendo collection with lots of games and consoles recently sold for $20,000. The seller spent 10 years collecting all of the games and consoles, and finally decided to part with it after someone offered 20 grand in cash.

“You know man, its super sad. The past 10 years, it’s been a huge part of my life,” said Charles Amble, 30, about parting with his games and consoles he spent a decade collecting.

He got most of the games at garage sales and Goodwill stores, and it turned out to be a decent investment.

He originally tried to sell it on eBay for $30,000 but decided to sell to someone who offered cash.

You can check out a video interview with him here.

His collection has nothing on the recent sale of a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros, which sold for $30,000. And that was just one game.

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