Last week we reported how the Switch screen can be easily scratched when the console is inserted and/or taken out of the dock. The design of the dock, coupled with the fact that the Switch screen is covered in plastic and not glass, means that it’s prone to scratches, as the photo below shows.

Now Nintendo has officially commented on the issue. In an interview with Time, Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime mentioned the screen problem, saying:

“We have done, as you know, literally hundreds of events, starting with our activity back in January, and most recently the various tours that we continue to take the system out on. As soon as I heard of this report, I asked my teams, “Have we seen this in our own experience?” And the candid answer has been no.”

Apparently, all the times the company has used the console, this never happened. Reggie continued:

“So throughout all of those experiences, throughout all the docking and undocking we’ve done, we haven’t seen it. So this is one where if it is happening, we want to understand more as to what the specific situation is. Which is why we want consumers to let us know through our support site.”

The fact remains that this is an issue, as we know from our own Switch consoles. Hopefully Nintendo can figure out what’s happening and make the needed adjustments to the docking hardware.

Nintendo went with using plastic instead of glass on the screen, as it helps durability — which we’ve already seen, as the Switch can take lots of drops on concrete and function perfectly fine.

But the downside of that is that the screen will be much easier to scratch, whether from the dock or something else.

Has your Switch console been scratched? Let is know in the comments section!

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