Replaces 17711 as Fast Ring build for Windows Insiders.

Microsoft has released a new build of Windows 10 to its Fast Ring Windows Insiders users. The build, 17713, replaces previous build 17711 and comes with a range of new features.

Microsoft said in a new blog post that there are improvements to its Edge browser with per-site media autoplay controls that allow users to control autoplay permissions on a per-site basis under the “Website permission” section of the Website Identification pane.

The firm has also added a new dictionary function so users can look up definitions for keywords when reading a page or document.

There are improved toolbar options for Edge’s PDF Reader, which will now show text descriptions for the icons to make them easily understandable. The PDF Toolbar can now be pinned at the top of the document, making all the PDF tools easily accessible if needed.

Microsoft has also made improvements to Notepad with an option to do wrap-around find/replace to the find dialog. Notepad will now remember previously entered values and the state of checkboxes and automatically populate them the next time users open the find dialog.

Text zooming has been added with a new menu option under View > Zoom to change the zoom level and display the current zoom level in the status bar.

The new build of Windows 10 enables users of Azure Active Directory and Active Directory and Windows Hello to use biometrics to authenticate to a remote desktop session. It has also introduced web sign-in to Windows 10 as a new way of signing into a Windows PC. Web Sign-in enables Windows logon support for non-ADFS federated providers. That’s in addition to faster sign-in to a Windows 10 shared PC that will help users that share computers to access their accounts more quickly. 

The software giant has also enhanced its Windows Defender Application Guard, introducing a new user interface inside Windows Security in this release.

“Standalone users can now install and configure their Windows Defender Application Guard settings in Windows Security without needing to change Registry key settings,” Microsoft said.

The new build is available for Fast Ring users now.

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