A lot of women play games, but there’s not a lot of women making them – a situation that The Working Lunch initiative is hoping to soon remedy.

Partnering with the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association, The Working Lunch is the brainchild of Sydney developer Ally McLean, along with game and tech journo Rae Johnston. But what is The Working Lunch? 

“I’m proud and excited to finally announce The Working Lunch initiative. I’d like to take a moment to thank IGEA and the incredible team of mentors from every corner of the industry who have volunteered their time and expertise to fostering the careers of women new to our industry,” said Ally McLean in this week’s release. “The program comes from a place of gratitude and admiration for the women among us and those who came before us who have shaped the industry to be a more diverse and inclusive space – and to produce better games. I hope we can follow in their footsteps by lifting up the next wave of pioneers, creators and leaders, and by learning from each other in the process.”

In its first year The Working Lunch aims to have six face-to-face workshops and two networking events, where attendees can learn about freelancing, project management, and internships.

To learn more, or apply, check out The Working Lunch site.

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