Nintendo has released a new Arms update, 2.1.0, which brings a lot of tweaks and adjustments to the fighters. The 2.1.0 update is now out, and while it doesn’t include any new content, it paves the way for the upcoming update, which will have a new fighter.

As for the current patch, it tweaks most of the fighters to make the game more balanced. You can find a full list of the tweaks done to the fighters here.

The update also brings some gameplay changes, such as adjusting the way the rush gauge fills “decreasing the amount gained for punches that do not connect with the opponent.”

Arms has now a bigger focus on training, as the Training is moved to the top menu, and five new training exercises have been added to the game.

No word on when the next update will be released, but it might take a little while, considering we just got a patch.

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