A significant visual overhaul was rumoured for Android P, and that was confirmed during Google’s I/O 2018 keynote with the introduction of iPhone X-like gestures.

Essentially, the gestures see Google moving away from Android’s iconic three-button approach, letting you swipe to go back to the home screen, easily shift between apps, and access an overview hub. This benefits screen-centric phones without a home button, but it ought to help anyone with any Android phone get around a bit easier.

Android 9.0 also brings native support for devices with an iPhone X-like notch at the top. The developer preview allows users to simulate the notch (which houses the front camera and sensors) even on a standard device with a typical rectangular display.

The Huawei P20, OnePlus 6, and LG G7 ThinQ all have notches, and that probably just the tip of the iceberg for iPhone-inspired Androids in 2018. Native support should help those phones work more smoothly with notifications and the like.

Bloomberg also suggested that Android P will support upcoming form factors like foldable or dual-screened smartphones, although the actual developer preview doesn’t specifically say anything about that.

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