Nintendo is doing what they can to make it easier for developers to make games on the Switch. The company has made sure to familiarize themselves with third party software like the Unreal Engine, and they are also inviting PC game makers to port their games to the Switch.

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto said that it’s easier now to port PC games to the Switch because of the development tools available. He said:

“Third-party developers who are making software for PC can now easily adapt that software to work on our platform. In the current development environment, Iʼd say that it would take less than a year for them to port a PC game to Nintendo Switch. That ease of software development has also been felt by Nintendoʼs internal developers.”

Of course, “less than a year” isn’t that appealing to all developers: a game usually takes two years to make these days at big studios, and adding another year or so to that isn’t cheap.

Still, it seems that Nintendo has streamlined the process of porting PC games to the Switch, in part by using a familiar Nvidia architecture that Nintendo said was “top priority” to bringing to the Switch.

Nintendo’s Managing Executive Officer Shinya Takahashi chipped in, saying that this time around, they have put more emphasis on supporting third party software.

“For our previous game platforms, creating our own development tools was a high priority for us. However, since the start of Nintendo Switch development we have been aiming to realize an environment in which a variety of different third-party developers are able to easily develop compatible software”.

As a result, he added, smaller developers have already started making games for the Switch, thanks to these new tools.

Last month, the company revealed that there are now over 100 Switch games in development at 70 different developers around the world.

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