Microsoft To-Do has been developed by the team behind Wunderlist, which Microsoft acquired back in 2015.

The app is very much a first look, and focuses on core to-do features only. You’re able to create multiple items on multiple lists, import existing Wunderlist lists, set due dates and reminders, and mark items as partially or fully completed.

A “My Day” view helps you see and organise tasks which need to be done today.

An intelligent “Suggestion” feature uses a “smart algorithm” to recommend tasks you should be doing right now . That could be handy long-term but it needs a history of items to work with, so don’t expect anything useful immediately.

Right now, Microsoft To-Do’s main plus point is you can use it anywhere, with apps available for Windows 10, mobile devices and the web.

Your lists will be synced across all your devices, too, although this requires that you have a Microsoft account.

Microsoft To-Do is built on Office 365, and that’s going to be its major selling point in future. To-Do could become a lightweight way to access your Outlook tasks from anywhere, for instance, and maybe share them with others.

The current build is a preview and doesn’t do very much, but it looks good, is easy to use and could become very handy for Office 365 users in the next few months. You don’t need to have Office 365 to use it, but the app does require a Microsoft account.

Microsoft To-Do is a free app for Windows 10, iOS and Android.

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