The next version of HoloLens won’t hit the shops until 2019, according to a new report.

Microsoft isn’t in any rush to release a new VR headset, according to, which cites sources who say the tech giant is skipping version two to work on version three of the device, with a release date around two years away.

The HoloLens is currently available as a developer’s edition and a commercial model.

But thanks to a lack of competition – with companies like Magic Leap still without a VR model available to buy – Microsoft wants to focus on its third iteration of the HoloLens, shelving the upgrade it had been working on.

Saying the third version is “closer to a generational leap”, says the third iteration means a device useable in everyday life is more likely to become reality sooner.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft for comment. A spokesperson said in a statement: “Mixed reality is the future of computing, and Microsoft HoloLens is the future and present of mixed reality. Our commitment requires no roadmap.”

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