Chinese iPhone leakster KK has revealed renders of was it claims are the iPhone 8, showing an edge-to-edge screen, measuring as slightly smaller than previous leaks.

The device, according to technical drawings revealed alongside the renders, will measure 137.54mmx 67.54mm, almost exactly matching the dimensions of the iPhone 7. The screen will be 5.768in diagonally, with a 4mm bezel around the sides of the smartphone.

Because the device doesn’t have much bezel and the screen almost extends to all edges, this means the sensors have been embedded into the screen area, rather than being integrated into a border. Although it’s a pretty smart way of designing the device to make it look more streamlined, the design process must have been quite complicated to ensure the screen can still be used where they are situated.

However, the renders miss vital features such as the front-facing camera and other features (such as a home button). We can’t imagine Apple launching a smartphone without a front facing camera given the popularity of Facetime, raising questions around the legitimacy of these renders.

On the back of the device, there’s a camera with two lenses, which could help with the company’s efforts in augmented reality and 3D video camera capabilities.

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