Windows 10 is due another update – here’s what we know about it so far

Windows 10 may have been Microsoft’s “last version” of its desktop OS but despite this seeming finality, the company has settled into a twice-yearly update schedule. The last big update came in the Autumn in 2017 (the “Fall Creators Update”) and this was precede by the “Creators Update” in Spring 2017.

If this schedule is anything to go buy, we should be expecting the latest release of Windows 10, the new Spring Creators Update, should arrive in the coming weeks and will bring the usual smattering of new features and upgrades.

Among those will include a new Timeline feature that will allow users to resume apps and activities if you switch from one Window 10 device to another. And there will betweaks to the way some parts of Windows 10 looks as well, with the taskbar, clock and action centre all getting small updates. Cortana will receive some updgrades and there will be more improvements to the way Windows 10 scales on high resolution displays.

Even when it does arrive, not everyone will get it right away. As with previous updates, the Spring Creators Update will be distributed in phases: some users had to wait weeks for previous Creators Updates to reach them, and the same is likely to apply here. If you want to install it on the day of release, you’ll be able to download a manual updater from Microsoft’s Windows 10 Download page.

Alternatively, if you just can’t wait, you can join the Windows Insider program and install an early version.

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