More users report their iPhone 8 Plus phones are splitting open when charging.

Yet more reports of the iPhone 8 cracking open when charging have started to appear around the world.

According to MacRumors, Anthony Wu‏, from Toronto, Canada, was forced to return a device he bought the previous day after the display had popped open. The report theorised that the problem may be down to a defective battery that swelled up.

The report also mentioned that a similar incident happened to an iPhone 8 Plus in Greece. The phone was left charging overnight only for the user to discover a similar problem with the display popping out of the main case. The user had only used official Apple power adapter and Lightning to USB cable.

These reports follow initial claims of the new Apple flagship phone cracking open while charging that emerged in Taiwan back in September

An Apple spokesman told MacRumors the company was aware of the problem and was looking into the issue.

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