Not to diminish the 18 that came before, but this is a nice collection.

It has been a bit easy to miss this, what with all of the excitement over The Darkness 2 being free and all (you’ve got scant few hours left to get in, there). Still, it’s time for another Humble Bundle, and while not quite free, these still typically represent excellent value.

Indie Bundle 19 is no different. The pay what you will tier comprises of Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition, Mini Metro, and Rakuen, which looks like just the sweetest thing.

Beat the average (presently 5.61 USD) and you’ll be blessed with Poly Bridge, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Soma, and as yet unrevealed extras.This is frankly great stuff already.

Hit up the premium tier (set at, abstractly, 14 USD) and you’ll also get Superhot. Superhot is pretty great, and you should totally give it a go, although there’s enough stuff in the lower tiers to maybe mean you won’t have enough time. In any case, click here to head over there and decide that option suits you best.

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