And some other stuff, too. But we know what the headliner is.

Well, well, well. Borderlands 3 has been hinted at for a good while. Could a sudden Borderlands centric bundle be a lead-in to some kind of unveiling? It’s hardly guaranteed, but considering the history of how these things are used (see: the Telltale bundle earlier this year), it is at least possible.

If you wish to dive into the past, though, then you can grab the first Borderlands for PC with a couple of other games for as low a single dollar. Borderlands 2 and company requires that you beat the current average of (at time of writing) $4.96, while you’ll need to cough up ten bucks to get your mits on the Aussie developed Pre-Sequel.

Not a terrible deal if you’re into this kind of thing, which I’m not, to be honest, but I”m hardly going to hold anything against those who are for jumping in and snapping this one up.

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