You don’t need a computer science degree to get in on the geofilter action.

Snapchat filters are great.

You can emblazon your face with a quirky pair of cartoon glasses or sultry kitten ears (I think deer are all the rage right now, would you believe it), and all the while Snapchat eviscerates your pores and widens your – now exceptionally glassy – eyes.

If you’re looking to add a personal touch to a filter, Snapchat’s geofilters are an excellent way of doing so. Using the site you can now create your own, detailing where you are or what you’re up to. What’s more, there are three categories of geofilter so you can pick the one that’s most appropriate to you: personal, business or community.

Personal Snapchat filters

Personal geofilters are a lot of fun for parties – I’ve personally seen them done at weddings and leaving dos alike and they provide a nice opportunity for highly-personalised well-wishing, all on the convenience of an app.

Business Snapchat filters

Meanwhile, business geofilters are great for attracting newcomers to your event, shop or product, as the app’s pervasiveness among young people  guarantees a sizeable audience.

Community Snapchat filters

Community geofilters can only be submitted if they pertain to public place – think schools, neighbourhoods and landmarks – so they’re perfect for capturing local spirit. We definitely foresee these at this year’s royal wedding (Bermondsey hearts Meghan!)

Make your own Snapchat filter

If this sounds up your street, it’s super easy to create your own Snapchat geofilter. Just follow our step-by-step guide and you’ll be plugging your pop-up jam stall/friend’s hen do/area of outstanding natural beauty in no time.

Before you start, you’ll need to have a fully functioning Snapchat account. Then the fun starts…

1. Head to

2. Select the variety of geofilter you’d like to create – personal, community or business – by clicking Submit Now under the relevant subcategory.

3. Log in using your Snapchat username or email, and password.

4. Choose your filter. This can be done by uploading your own or selecting one from Snapchat’s subdivided categories (Winter Vibes, Birthdays, Baby Shower, and so on). You can add colour, text and design elements. Click the Next button when you’re done.

5. Choose your date. Select the start time and date, and its corresponding finish. There’s a handy “buy annually” option for users who want a long-term geofilter. Click Next when finished. 

6. Choose your location. Type a location into the search bar, and adjust the perimeters of the area to your liking. You’ll see the price in the top right-hand side adjust accordingly – the bigger the area, the more costly the filter. Click Next to head to checkout.

7. Time to pay up. Insert payment details, plus the name of your geofilter and whatever category of filter it comes under. Check you’re content with your order summary, and click Submit

Fully custom orders take one to four days to be approved, and cost anywhere from £5 upwards, depending on where your Geofence is, how big it is, and how long you want it to run.

After approval, you’re free to spam your friends to your heart’s content with your own personalised geofilter before your allotted time elapses. Technology really is a marvel, isn’t it?

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