Much like most consoles these days, the Nintendo Switch will receive a big day-one update that will bring numerous features in time for launch. When you get your Switch next Friday, you’ll have the option to download the update in the background (so you can still play Zelda!). Here’s what the update includes:

  • Access to network features, such as Nintendo eShop, online gameplay, ability to share images to social media, etc.
  • Ability to link Nintendo Accounts to your Nintendo Switch console.
  • Ability to connect online using hotspots that require authentication, such as at a hotel or café. A web applet will open up so the user can sign-in or accept terms of use.

Because the Nintendo Switch won’t have an internet browser at launch, the web applet will be a crucial component for anyone who wants to use their console at a cafe our anywhere with wifi.

With recent reports of journalists encountering problem with the left Joy-Con not syncing properly when disconnected from the Switch, we’re hoping that Nintendo works hard to implement a fix for that issue in the update.

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